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Kusmi Tea| BBDetox

My loves,

I have raved and mentioned One Love Organics Skin Care time and time again. I found this lovely skin care line at Anise’s Apothecary which is why every time I am in Burlington to visit my mom I try to visit this lovely shop. They sell all things natural from tea, beauty products, laundry detergent and healthy snacks. I was in there a couple of weeks ago picking up my daily face cleanser ‘Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser‘ and I was taking a look at their selection of Kusmi Tea. I was taking a look at the BBDetox Tea when the owner offered me a small tin to try! I was ecstatic! I absolutely love drinking tea and this tea is particularly special to me because it caters to your skins daily needs!

“The first BB tea that follows the example of BB creams, this Beauty Beverage caters to your skin’s daily needs.”

IMG_0966 IMG_0965

Kusmi BBDetox Tea (25g loose tea tin) $7.25 (125g loose tea tin) $23.00 (20 Tea Bags) $18.00

Detoxifying, protecting & hydrating blend of mate, green & rooibos teas. Known for their high antioxidant levels, this unique combination helps improve skin’s appearance by boosting toxin removal and protecting against environmental stressors while hydrating your skin from the inside out! Added to this is the dandelion plant, known to aid against fluid retention and helping to flush the kidneys of skin dulling toxins. This delicious blend is flavoured with the subtle hint of grapefruit and may be enjoyed all day both hot or iced.”

Ingredients: Delicious blend of mate, green tea and rooibos, flavored with a subtle hint of grapefruit.

First there were BB Creams and now there is BB Teas…You can have beautiful skin from the inside out. This sweet, fruity blend of mate and green tea is inspired by BB Creams, which help nourish your skin. Mate and Green Tea are the key ingredients that help flush toxins from the body and of course from your skin. It’s no secret that Green Tea is known for its antioxidant powers, with the added blend of dandelion and rooibos you get added skin protection through Vitamins A and C. And of course what makes skin looks most healthy of all hydration. Hydration is key. And what better way to hydrate than with a delicious tea.

It’s a fruity blend, which I’m not going to lie is not my favorite kind of tea. However, it tastes and smells quite lovely. And if it makes my skin glow and look lovely well you can be damn sure I’m going to drink it. An added bonus this tea tastes great both hot and cold, so you can drink it all year round! Since I’ve been drinking this tea my skin actually has looked better. And I definitely feel better because I’m remaining hydrated. It’s also a great blend of tea to drink in the evening when you are craving a late night snack. This tastes great on its own, needing no other substances.

IMG_1360IMG_1453I have no makeup on in the above picture. As you can see my skin is clear and looks healthy. I definitely know that drinking more water on a daily basis helps nourish your skin. Everyone knows green tea is good for you for both health and beauty reasons. This tea has all the right ingredients for a perfect blend for perfect skin. I know it’s a tea I will continue to drink.

For more information about Kusmi Tea click HERE.

Anise’s Apothecary is lovely shop located in Downtown Burlington on the corner of Pearl and James. They research their products to make sure they are produced ethically and sustainably. They have gathered a collection of eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free health and well-being products that nourish the body both inside and out. The environment is lovely and the owner is kind and friendly. She really knows her stuff and is extremely helpful. I will definitely continue to try more all-natural products from this lovely shop. You should to! Visit HERE for more information.

 Have you tried Kusmi’s BBDetox Tea?

Laurelle, xo



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