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Give Me More Blonde Ombré

My loves,

I’ve been sporting the Ombré hair style for quite some time now. I don’t know about any of you but I like to take baby steps when it comes to my hair. I really love my natural colour but it can get boring sticking with the same thing all the time. I decided to colour my hair Ombré about a year ago and every time I go to get it coloured again I want more. My lovely friend Rebecca colours my hair for me and she works at Fiorio on Cumberland (She’s Fantastic!). I went to see her this past Monday and I told her I wanted more blonde! She warned me of wanting more more more. But I can’t tell you how happy I am with it!

IMG_1591 IMG_1593Some people thing Ombré Hair Trend is over, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t but I still happen to love it! And my dear friend Rebecca is so fabulous at it I can’t help but want it. She blends the colours effortlessly and makes it look super natural. Now I went from never colouring my hair to Ombré, which is a good transition because it’s natural and not shocking. You can ease into going lighter with each visit.

IMG_5742 IMG_5741I personally think Ombré is still trending. It has so many different options with very little maintenance. You can go bold, soft, colourful, or natural with endless colour choices. It really is a great option because it requires very little maintenance while still remaining stylish and fresh.

IMG_1625 IMG_1611Everyone at Fiorio Cumberland is super talented and if you want to rock the Ombré like me, Rebecca is the Ombré Queen, she is your girl.

Do you thinking Ombré Hair is still trending?

Laurelle, xo



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