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BITE Beauty| Agave Lip Mask

My loves,

I’m always on the hunt for all things moisturizing for the lips. Especially when we experience horribly cold winters like this one. I have trouble keeping my lips well moisturized in these cold winter months, so I’m super happy when I find something that works. I have a few favorites lip balms but I needed something to put on my lips in the evenings before going to bed. Recently BITE Beauty came out with an Agave Lip Mask. When I heard of this I wasted no time on getting my hands on it!

“A soothing, leave-on lip mask that replenishes moisture in lips.”

IMG_1506 IMG_1507“This innovative, natural formula smooths, nourishes, and moisturizes lips with a bio-active blend of organic agave nectar, jojoba oil, vanilla CO2 extract, and triple the amount of antioxidant trans-resveratrol found in red wine.”

I love it! It smells great, feels great and really moisturizes the lips. I would definitely not use this product during the day, it’s more of a night treatment more than anything. It has a thick consistency that applies to the lips fairly easily. The packaging is not the best, it’s really hard to squeeze the mask out of the tube. However, as you continue to use it, it does get easier to squeeze out. It also only allows for a small amount to come out at a time, so you avoid wasting product. And a little goes along way.

I have really chapped lips in the winter (especially this winter). After one night of using it I’ve noticed a difference. My lips are smooth and have improved drastically. Since buying this product I apply it every night right before bed. It keeps my lips hydrated all night! When I wake up in the morning my lips feel amazing, well hydrated and nourished.

I love the natural ingredients and the smell of Vanilla is so comforting right before bed. Also, Vanilla is one of my all time favorite flavors for beauty products. It also has a slight taste of Vanilla to it which is always nice. It’s A+ in my books and I will definitely be purchasing this again. Some people think it’s pricey but a little goes a long way and it should last you a long time.

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask 0.52 oz $30.00

For more information about BITE Beauty click HERE. This product is available at all Sephora locations. It’s a must have lip product if you live somewhere cold!

Have you tried BITE Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask?

Laurelle, xo



  1. Thanks Paint Me Pretty. I’ve read and heard good review on this product. I’ve heard if you squeeze the product out from the bottom half going up towards the opening of the tube like the toothpaste tubes it’s easier to squeeze out. I will have to try it. Maybe I can try it on my boyfriend he doesn’t like moisturizing or using lib balms during the day this might help him out as well. I tend to be more on the combination oily side of the spectrum and him on the dry side. This looks like a good product to try. XOXO

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