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Urban Outfitters| Valentine’s Day Goodies

My loves,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I know many people have a hatred towards Valentine’s Day. I may be biased (because my birthday is the next day!) but I do not have a hatred towards Valentine’s Day. I actually love Valentine’s Day not to actually celebrate it because I am currently single. But I love the merchandise that starts to appear in the stores! Pink and hearts and oh so much pink! A colour I clearly adore! So I was shopping (Obviously, I have a problem!) at Urban Outfitters and I came across the cutest Valentine’s Day merchandise! So I’ve decided to show you Urban Outfitter’s lovely selection of Valentine’s Day goodies! Eat your heart out my loves.

Here are some of the lovely items that Urban Outfitters has in stores for Valentine’s Day. They are cute gift ideas for friends or family, or maybe even your significant other or crush! Perfect gifts to catch that special someone’s eye!

30059943_060_aMe & You Heart Frame $8.00

I couldn’t help myself, it’s just so damn cute. Sometimes the hopeless romantic in me reveals itself.

27494368_006_aParty Banner $8.00-$14.00

I mean it’s just cute.

30901664_060_aHeart Measuring Spoon-Set of 4 $8.00

I would just love to have these always. They are heart shaped and pink.

30331953_002_aComic Party Balloon $7.00

Ha! I would just love to own this. It would have been perfect for when I went for Halloween as a Comic Book Character.

15299514d_066_aCrosley AV Room Portable USB Record Player $160.00

I have wanted this lovely Record Player for quite sometime now. I mean it’s pink and floral, so obviously it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. This is definitely an item on my Wish List.

31172455_000_aCook Your Date Into Bed by Helen Graves

Could come in handy someday.

31359920_060_aHeart Wall Decal-Set of 11 $39.00

Love it. This is something I would totally have on my apartment wall.

Well there you have it my loves. A few of my favorite Valentine’s Day items that Urban Outfitters currently has in stock! Another store that has great Valentine’s Day merchandise is Indigo.

What are you buying that special someone for Valentine’s Day?

Laurelle, xo


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