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Bosica| Cool Blue Calming Mask

My loves,

You all know my obsession with Face Masks and how much I love trying new ones. Boscia is one of my favorite skin care lines and when it comes to their Face Masks they never disappoint. You know when Sephora has those lovely smaller samples of products right near the counter? It’s really smart because they suck you into buying more product, when you think you are saving money! So Boscia had a lovely 3 mask package so I decided to grab it so I could try a bunch at once! I have been trying to try all of Boscia’s Face Masks naturally and next on my list was the Cool Blue Calming Mask.

A peel-off mask that instantly cools, calms, and hydrates.

IMG_1119IMG_1129“This peel-off mask instantly refreshes the skin while cooling, calming, and deeply moisturizing. It is formulated with deep-sea-inhabiting sea whip, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps to soothe and calm the skin; willow herb, which reduces redness while effectively comforting the skin; aloe vera, which hydrates, heals, and promotes skin firmness and elasticity by supporting natural collagen synthesis; and peppermint-derived frescolat, which provides a long-lasting cooling and refreshing sensation while instantly revitalizing dehydrated, tired skin.”

How to Use:

-Apply a thick, opaque, even layer to clean, dry skin.
-Avoid eye area by applying below orbital bone.
-Do not apply to eyebrows, hairline, or lips.
-Leave on 25 minutes or until completely dry.
-Gently peel off mask from outer edges.
-Rinse off any residue with warm water.
-Follow with moisturizer.
-Use once or twice a week

Full Size 2.8 oz $41.00

IMG_1634 Now you could say it is pricey, but for a good face mask I think it’s pretty decent. Anyone who thinks they can find a cheaper mask that actually works by all means please share with the rest of us. In the Beauty world you usually get what you pay for. And I really love this mask, it smells amazing and feels incredible on the skin. It has a nice cool, tingly sensation. And I know this really has nothing to do with the results of the mask, but I love the colour! I don’t mind walking around my apartment rocking this mask! I also really love Peel-Off Masks, they are so easy to apply and so easy to remove.

If your face is really inflamed, dry or sensitive this is the mask for you. It is extremely gentle and instead of irritating your skin further it will actually have to soothe it and eliminate the inflammation of the skin. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It helps to eliminate redness in the skin and really calms the skin. You should apply a thick layer as it is a Peel-Off mask and it’ll will make it easier to peel away. Since it’s such a calm, soothing mask it is actually super relaxing to wear while lounging around.

IMG_1640IMG_1658Cooling, calming and moisturizing. A+ in my books. It is perfect for winter weathered dried, inflamed skin. Definitely a must have in these cold winter months! Why suffer with dry, irritated skin when you have sparkly blue masks like this one! Boscia came through again, a skin care that never disappoints me! Love it.

Have you tried Boscia’s Cool Blue Calming Mask? If so, let me know what you think!

Laurelle, xo


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