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Mani Monday| Lace Me Up

My loves,

It’s another Mani Monday! Now it’s not typical Wedding season but there seems to have been a lot of weddings recently. I heard of a couple taking place this past weekend! An oh so lovely Bride came into the salon the other day getting her nails done for her big day! She wanted some nail art, but still wanted the elegance of a wedding. This is what we came up with.

IMG_5968 IMG_5969 IMG_5970 IMG_5972 IMG_5974 IMG_5977We decided to add a little lace nail art to this ring fingers. It’s simple enough that it’s still a pretty pink with a nail decal, but with a little bit of fun. I like that the design is only on the one finger and that we chose a soft simple pink. I really love how they turned out and they are very different from most wedding nails I have seen! She was happy with them and let’s face it, the Bride being happy is all that matters!

To achieve this manicure I used Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Precious’ and ‘Bride’. The white lace design I free handed.

What is your dream Wedding Mani?

Laurelle, xo



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