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LUSH| Charity Pot

My loves,

We all know how much I love LUSH products. They are all-natural wonderful skin care products and I have many favorites! There are a few reasons why I love LUSH so much. Firstly, because they are oh so lovely and helpful in all the stores. Secondly, because their products are actually AMAZING and show results. And Thirdly, because they try to give back. Which is why I love this Charity Pot of Hand and Body lotion I received as a gift for my birthday!

Charitable Cocoa Butter Cream that Keeps on Giving

IMG_2092 IMG_2097 IMG_2095“Inside every black pot of Charity Pot is a whole lot more than a creamy body lotion to hydrate parched, dry skin. Of course, it’s filled with the finest ingredients, including Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, and made by hand with love. Not to mention the gorgeous fresh, ylang ylang floral fragrance. What makes it so special? Every penny (yes, every single penny) that you pay for a pot, excluding the tax, goes to fund and support grassroots charities all around the world. You end up with softer, floral-scented skin AND you’re doing a world of good with every pot purchased.”

$5.95 – $22.95

Not only is this product absolutely amazing but every SINGLE penny goes to charity. How amazing is that? I mean there are lots of things out there that gives back, but every single cent that you pay for this lovely lotion goes to charity. That is beyond awesome! AND it smells incredible and keeps your skin crazy hydrated. Sure you could say it’s on the expensive side but you are giving back so it makes it completely worth it!


  • Soft skin, warm hearts, can’t lose: Nourishing almond oil and skin softening cocoa butter are supremely effective for moisturizing dry skin.
  • The scent of Charity: Perfect for those who love to layer floral fragrances, smooth all over for supple, smooth skin that smells of freshly cut flowers.
  • More than fair: We use Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter to moisturize and keep your skin supple.

It’s one of the best lotions I’ve ever used, it absorbs into the skin nicely and helps those dry patches to stay hydrated. It can feel a little greasy when you first apply but it doesn’t take like to absorb. It’s perfect for these brutally cold winter months. I will most definitely be purchasing again!

Have you tried LUSH’s Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion?

Laurelle, xo


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