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LOVE FRESH| Natural Cream Deodorant

My loves,

I have raved and raved about LOVE FRESH products, because they are obviously amazing! So when the Natural Cream Deodorant came out I couldn’t wait to try it. When I attended the One Of A Kind craft show there was a LOVE FRESH booth set up which was my first stop. I got to chat with Stacey the founder of LOVE FRESH and she was kind enough to throw in the deodorant with the rest of my purchases. She explained to me that it was a fantastic product all-natural deodorant that actually works!

IMG_0229 IMG_0232 IMG_0234“This all-natural & very effective deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day long, we promise! By using this wonderful deodorant you will feel comfortable that you are not putting any harsh chemicals under a very *vulnerable* part of your body. It really, really works.”

2oz. $15.00

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Corn Starch, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay & Natural Organic Essential Oils.     That’s it!

Natural Deodorants that actually work are really hard to come by. I’m always quite skeptical when it comes to natural deodorant but when I spoke with Stacey I knew it had to work because she wouldn’t lie and all her products are always what they claim to be.

I chose the Moroccan Rose Absolute scent because it was the most subtle scent and I really prefer subtle when it comes to my deodorant. The other scents available are Lavender Tea Tree and Sweet Orange Patchouli.

It’s amazing how you remain smelling wonderful all day long! This deodorant really is incredible. It lasts all day from morning to evening and even with a work out in between! It’s exactly what you want from deodorant with the added bonus of leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. It also doesn’t leave any residue on your clothing.

It is obviously better for you to use a natural deodorant then one with a bunch of ingredients that you have no idea what you are putting on your body. I trust LOVE FRESH because I trust Stacey and all the products always work. There isn’t a single product that I have tried from LOVE FRESH that I did not like. It really is a fantastic skin care line.

Have you tried LOVE FRESH’s new Natural Cream Deodorant?

Laurelle, xo



  1. I have never heard of an natural cream deodorant but I will research them later. This ideas really appeals to me do you know if it available in the UK.

  2. Mary Ellen Stephen says

    Does this deodorant leave an oil slick under your arm? I am sceptical of natural deodorants as well because I wear Mitchum for men and sometimes have to apply it twice a day!! Haha! So it would be great to find one that works! Where can we get it in Ottawa?

    • No Oil Slick left under your arm! It absorbs into your skin nicely leaving it smooth and soft. And you smell fresh from Morning to Evening! I don’t know if they have distributed to Ottawa yet but you can definitely purchase it online, Best Skin Product, one of my favorites.

  3. Felicia says

    I use Love Fresh and it works very well and is not oily or sticky. I was worried about the scent but it is so subtle you don’t notice it.

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