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Linear Lines and Lots of Gold

My loves,

I love when a client walks into the salon and tells me I have the free range to do whatever I like with their nails! I get them to choose a colour of their choice and I get to play around with nail art and designs. Oh what fun it is to be a nail technician. I decided to create a manicure with lines, glitter and oh some good old fashion pink.

IMG_6251IMG_6254IMG_6252IMG_6258IMG_6250This particular manicure turned out to be one of my favorites. I used two different shades of pink and decided to do one solid nail of each colour and then create designs with linear lines. There is something very chic about lines, I’m not sure why exactly but I know I like it. I wanted to glam it up with some gold and shimmer so I added gold loose sparkles to one of the nails.  I free-handed the lines, which can be one of the most challenging of all the nail art out there.

To create this manicure I used Entity Colour Couture ‘Sweet Chic’, ‘Cherry Blossoms’ and Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Cafe Latte’. And then of course some loose sparkles for the fabulous gold shimmer nail.

What kind of nail art do you find to be ‘Chic’?

Laurelle, xo



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