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BIOTHERM| Aquasource ‘Making a Woman Fall in Love Every 7 Seconds’

My loves,

Last month I attended a Breakfast Event with Biotherm and Illustrator Olivia Mew to talk about the star product: Aquasource from Biotherm. First of all the food at this breakfast was exceptionally amazing. It was a vegan breakfast which included little containers of Fruit, Chocolate Vegan Pancakes (to die for) and Vegan Eggs Benedict (also amazing) and of course COFFEE!


-2I had the pleasure of enjoying this lovely breakfast with other Fashion & Beauty bloggers to learn about Biotherm’s Aquasource line. We also had the chance to meet Olivia Mew herself, who is an extremely talented artist who actually teamed up with Biotherm and designed a tote bag that I received at the event! She also drew each of us our own Valentine’s day card with our Valentine! I chose my cute little coca-poo Luna to be my Valentine.

IMG_6514Isn’t the Valentine of me and my dog adorable! I absolutely love it! Olivia Mew was a pleasure to chat with and an inspiration! I very much enjoyed the Breakfast event. Not only did I get to enjoy a fantastic breakfast with the kindest people but I also received a tote bag that Olivia Mew designed with product from the Aquasource line.

IMG_6513Now before giving a review on these 3 lovely products I received from Biotherm I wanted to give it a fair review so I’ve been trying all three products over the course of a month.



The Products:

AQUASOURCE- Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel For Normal or Combination Skin   $47.00

“Treat your skin to long-lasting hydration with AQUASOURCE Gel, Biotherm’s iconic moisturizer cherished by women all around the world.”

IMG_2542 IMG_2549 IMG_2548AQUASOURCE Gel contains no paraben preservatives or mineral oils. Pamper your skin with a rich mélange of derma-friendly ingredients, all fused together into a fresh gel that literally melts onto your skin – fully revitalizing your senses.

This gel has a light texture, is non-greasy and absorbs nicely. It is very refreshing and feels cool when applied to the face. I know this may seem odd but it also has a very soothing colour. The scent isn’t overly strong which is nice and it really puts moisture back into the skin. The unprecedented  performance-enhancing texture forms a protective shield  helping trap in vital ingredients that keep your skin hydrated for 48 hours! I would definitely recommend this product.

AQUASOURCE DEEP SERUM- Deep Moisture and Light Concentrate    $60.00

“92% of women who tried Aquasource Deep Serum felt their skin deeply hydrated, luminous and more uniform.”

IMG_2556 IMG_2551 IMG_25523x more concentrated in thermal plankton cellular water and mannose ( than aquasource) Aquasource deep serum is a deep moisture and light concentrate that leaves skin deeply bound with water: plump, fresh and silky.

Your skin will feel amazing literally after one application. It absorbs quickly making the skin feel soft and hydrated. I would use this serum at night before applying your regular moisturizer. It’s really amazing how much moisture these products provide for your skin! Some people say it’s a great base for your makeup but I wouldn’t recommend that.

AQUASOURCE NIGHT- High Density Hydrating Jelly For All Skin Types

“At night, your skin uses up to four times more water than during the day. Biotherm brings you a high-performance solution in a signature texture that hydrates, reinforces and retains moisture overnight.”

IMG_2558 IMG_2562 IMG_2560Leveraging the breakthrough innovation of new star ingredient P. Antarctica, AQUASOURCE Nuit augments your skin’s water reserves, keeping the upper layers deeply hydrated all night long. When you wake up, your face looks pleasantly fresh and luminous.

Night Cream’s are my absolute favorite. They usually smell lovely and soothing and this one is no exception! It has a non-greasy texture and absorbs into the skin quickly leaving your skin soft till morning! My skin literally has a healthy glow since using this product. Nothing feels better in the morning than feeling soft, hydrated skin.

These AQUASOURCE products are to die for. They really are a savior for the winter weather, which goes well with their marketing campaign #StayHomeAndHydrate ! I am so happy I got to be a part of this event and had the pleasure of trying out these fabulous products.


Well there you have it my loves! Dare to fall in love every 7 seconds with these products from Biotherm?

Laurelle, xo


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