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Light Bright Pink Chevron Mani

My loves,

One of my dear friends comes to see me at my salon on a regular basis and I’ve gotten her into some fun nail art. However, when she came back from vacation she wanted something a little more simple. So when she arrived at the salon for her appointment she told me she wanted a light bright pink manicure. Which I thought was interesting. So I searched the shelf for a light bright pink polish and I surprisingly found it! So here is the manicure we created.

IMG_6278 IMG_6280 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6285When she arrived for her regular manicure we weren’t sure if we were going to do any nail art. As we started I decided to go with a Chevron design on the ring finger. Since I knew she wanted to keep it simple I thought a Chevron design would fit in perfectly with a pink manicure.

I free-handed the Chevron design which is surprisingly a lot harder than it appears. I used Entity Colour Couture ‘Beach Blanket’ and Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’.

What are your thoughts on the Chevron design?

Laurelle, xo



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