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Mani Monday| Spring is Coming…

My loves,

I can feel it Spring is almost here. I know there is still snow on the ground and the air is still fresh but I have high hopes that Spring is just lurking around the corner. Since I am so eager for the weather to change I decided to make this weeks manicure extra Spring like. I chose a nice lilac purple and incorporated sparkle and flowers.

IMG_2813 IMG_2814 IMG_2817 IMG_2829 IMG_2832 IMG_2822I love love love the way this manicure turned out. First of all I love this lovely lilac purple. It’s actually very pretty to be worn just on its own. But I added the flowers and sparkles in on a whim and I just love it. It looks very Easter egg like but still simple enough that it’s not tacky.

To achieve this manicure I used OPI’s Gel Colour ‘You’re Such a Budapest’, Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’ and ‘Your Yacht or Mine? as well as loose gold sparkles that I sprinkled on.

What does your Spring manicure look like?

Laurelle, xo



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