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I applaud the “No Make Up Selfies”

I understand there are some crazy debates on Facebook about how posting a picture of yourself with “No Makeup On” is in no way related to cancer and is just women ‘whoring’ themselves on Facebook in efforts to just feel better about themselves because they now think ‘they are strong like a cancer patient’. I do agree that a lot of people have completely missed the point, but please show me another campaign where someone hasn’t missed the point.

This entire debate makes me incredibly angry. First of all, to all of those people who think these women should at least be running a marathon, shaving their heads or donating to charities more frequently instead of trying to raise awareness about cancer. You are first of all a hypocrite because those are just different ways of raising awareness. How does shaving your head help someone with cancer? Is it not still vanity? How does running a marathon help someone with cancer? Great, you’re an amazing athlete. And for those of you who think that the donations you make to charities are actually making a huge difference. Wake up. More than half those charities use a majority of the money that YOU donate towards advertising and marketing. Most of that money isn’t actually going to research and actually helping people with cancer.

All the people who are complaining and ridiculing these women who are just being human and trying to raise awareness by posting a harmless selfie, shut up and leave them alone. Find something better to do with your time than rip apart people who are just trying to raise awareness of a terrible illness that affects many people.

Having had cancer touch my life and be a very big part of it, I think it’s great that these women are posting these pictures of themselves without makeup. To some women wearing make up is a sense of security, a comfort, something they need to feel good about themselves. That’s what cancer does to you and everyone around you. It strips you of your comfort and your security. It makes you feel helpless. And if you have ever seen anyone go through cancer you would know that it changes your appearance, your skin, your hair and guess what makeup helps these woman feel better at the end of the day. If putting makeup on makes you feel better as woman than who am I to criticize you? If posting a picture of yourself with no makeup on gives you strength then why bash it?

And the best part about this campaign is that is actually did raise a lot of money, so why are you ripping these poor women apart when they’re just trying to raise awareness and help a cause with a harmless photo. And they accomplished their goal, they got your attention.

To some women posting a picture of themselves with no makeup on is an act of strength. I know I feel like I can’t show up to a job interview without my hair styled and without makeup on. I actually had it in a job description that I had to arrive to work with makeup on or I’d be sent home. Isn’t it sad that we live in a society where wearing no makeup as a woman is an act of strength? Maybe that’s the part you should be focusing on.

People are always going to come up with ways of raising awareness for causes and charities, how they do it is never going to be comparable to actually fighting cancer, losing to cancer and having seen a family member go though cancer. But isn’t it great that people actually care and are trying to raise money and awareness? People need something to believe in. Strip people of their belief and what do we have left?

So here is my ‘No Make Up Selfie’, and you can criticize all you want, but I will always help raise awareness to Cancer.


If you want to donate click HERE.


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