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Fashion Friday| Night Out in the Big City

My loves,

It’s been a while since I did a Fashion Post, I’ve been serious slacking in the fashion department. However, I find it difficult to be overly stylish in these horrible cold winter months. But now that (hopefully) the weather will start to get warmer I can be much more fashionable and stylin’. Last Saturday evening I went out with a girlfriend for dinner and decided to take it up a notch. I wanted to look good and feel good, so I grabbed my little black dress, my leopard print belt and my favorite black patent heels and I hit the town.

IMG_2801 IMG_2805 IMG_2808 IMG_2804 IMG_2810Let me tell you how much I hate nylons. First of all they usually only last one night (I have already thrown these out because of a tear), they are crazy uncomfortable and I don’t even really love how they look. But they are necessary when it’s cold! And it was a little cold last weekend  so I had to make it work!

I went with a very simple plain black dress, but I have to tell you it’s one of my favorites. It nice and pretty and goes with everything. I sadly cannot even remember wear I got this lovely dress. I love my cream cardigan that I wore over top and overall (minus the nylons) it’s a very comfortable outfit and I feel good in it! The heels I wore are from Guess and I love love love them. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in, and I mean they are black patent can’t you really go wrong?

I decided to bring my Michael Kors clutch because it’s small enough that it’s not inconvenient and big enough that I can fit everything I need for the evening in it. And it’s Michael Kors… so obviously I love it.

My wonderfully lovely friend blew dry my hair for the evening which is why it looks so voluminous and lovely. I had great evening, great food, and lots of laughter.

What’s your evening wear look like?

Laurelle, xo



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