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Ready, Set, Summer with Lady Speed Stick

My loves,

This winter has been by far one of the worst winters we have seen in years. Now that Spring is finally starting to show itself it’s time to repair and condition our poor dry and dehydrated skin. Now I don’t know about any of you but my cuticles and hands are dehydrated, my underarms are in need of some tender love and care, and my feet need some serious moisture put back into them. Luckily for me Lady Speed Stick was kind enough to send me a care package to help me get ready for the summer!

IMG_2637I was so excited to come home to this lovely little care package filled with goodies. My bag included the New Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin (stick and roll-on formulas), Baléa Warming Foot Balm (Avocado and Sweet Almond Oil), Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment, and a beautiful lilac purple Get Nailed polish from The Ten Spot nail salon.

IMG_2646IMG_2650IMG_2647 New Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin, with Vitamin E has a smooth, invisible formula with over 30% skin conditioning agents to help soothe dry skin while providing 24-hour wetness and odour protection. Vitamin E is one of the best ingredients in skin care, so I think it’s great that it’s a key ingredient in this deodorant.

 Vitamin E Benefits:

– It protects the skin from environmental pollution

– It is an excellent moisturizer

– It contains powerful anti-inflammatory action –perfect for irritated and dry skin

– It has excellent wound healing properties

As an expert on moisturizing winter-neglected nails, feet and underarms, Kristen Wood, CEO and creator of Toronto’s beloved beauty and wax bar chain, The Ten Spot knows how parched our “thirsty three” can be:

 “Winter is hard on our hands, cuticles, feet and even our underarms. Tight sweaters, irregular shaving, perspiration and dry air can really affect that precious underarm real estate over the course of the long winter. Before you bare it, prepare it! Nutra-Skin, a new product from Lady Speed Stick, provides moisturizers to soothe and nourish your sensitive underarm area without sacrificing the protection you need and expect from your anti-perspirant.”

 Your underarm skin is particularly delicate. Factors such as hair removal, perspiration and tight clothing may damage it, and that’s not even including this dreadful harsh dry winter air.

 I’ve been using the New Lady Speed Stick Nurta-Skin for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it. I use Lady Speed Stick on a regular basis as is, but with the added ingredient of Vitamin E I really notice a difference. My underarms feel moisturized and fresh. I get all day protection from odour and perspiration. I much prefer using the stick formula; I love the scent because it’s not too overbearing and it leaves no residue on my clothing.

 New Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin is available in stick (45 gram) and a roll-on (50 ml) for $2.99. It’s a great price and it’s definitely worth a try. I’m telling you Vitamin E works wonders, even on your underarm skin. Don’t neglect your most delicate skin!

There is even a special offer on SnapSaves, check it out!

Have you tried the New Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin? If so, which do you prefer the Stick or Roll-On Formula?

Laurelle, xo

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