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Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’

My loves,

I love Marc Jacobs, I especially love Marc Jacobs perfume in Daisy! It is my signature scent, I wear it every single day and I love that when people smell Marc Jacobs Daisy they think of me! I have for quite some time now wanted to do a Marc Jacobs inspired manicure. Well my friends, I finally got around to doing it with the help of my lovely friend and co-worker.

IMG_2856 IMG_2858 IMG_2880 IMG_2864 IMG_2882A little about Marc Jacobs Perfume ‘Daisy’:

Fresh and feminine, Daisy is a playful bright and alluring scent. Daisy captivates with the luscious freshness of wild strawberry, then blooms with the modern vintage edge of velvety violet petals and finishes with a luminous blend of gardenia and jasmine. The white accords of birch and cedarwood add intensity.

The bottle design features a luxurious block of weighted, clear glass topped with a playful scattering of daisies that appear to bloom from the rounded gold cap. Winner of the Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi Awards for Women’s Luxe Fragrance of the Year and Women’s Prestige Best Packaging, 2008.

I personally love the perfume, I haven’t grown fond of any other Marc Jacobs perfumes but I literally have not worn another perfume for at least 6 years. I just love the way Daisy smells. It’s fresh, feminine with floral undertones. But it’s subtle and soft and in no way over powering.

IMG_2869Now I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I’m obsessed with floral everything. I have a floral wallet, a floral phone case and even floral shoes (I know over kill with the floral, but I just love it!). So it seemed fitting to put such a magnificent floral design on my nails. Now I must admit when I first put this design on my nails even I was skeptical. It’s a little much for me, but with each day I grow more and more fond of this manicure.

To achieve this manicure I used Artistic Colour Gloss, ‘Swag’, ‘Bride’ and ‘Wild’. I created the entire design with polka dots, and used the polka dots to create a daisy. Each nail has a different pattern, they are in no way the same, which I love.

So there you have it my loves, I’m all ready for Spring and Summer, bring on the floral!

What’s your favorite perfume?

Laurelle, xo




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