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LUSH| Fresh Face Mask ‘Oatifix’

My loves,

You all know I’ve been taking a Special Fx Makeup course at George Brown. Taking makeup courses is quite a lot of fun but it can be brutal for the skin. When learning to do Special Fx makeup you are not only doing the makeup yourself but you are also the model half the time so your other classmates can also practice. The other day I learned how to create a Zombie and I was my teachers demo as well as a model. So you can imagine what my skin looked after two extensive makeup applications and two difficult removals. It was raw, red and very irritated.

I decided to make a little trip to LUSH after class was over so I could pick up a Fresh Face mask to soothe my irritated skin. I was look for something that would soothe and calm my skin, as well as put moisture back into it. I decided to try a Fresh Face Mask that I hadn’t yet tried, which is when I came across ‘Oatifix’.

IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3063“Few things are more soothing than a big bowl of banana porridge, all sweet and squishy. Did you know the same is true for your skin? Sensitive, dry or irritated faces love Oatifix for its calming oats, softening mashed banana and ground almonds to slough away flaky skin. Keep in mind that dry skin doesn’t just occur in the winter! The sun can be equally harsh, as UV rays penetrate the dermis and heat can leave you feeling tight and dry. Use Oatifix year-round on sensitive, dry skin in need of nourishment to keep it flexible and soft.”

This lovely Fresh Face mask is exactly what my skin needed! It had become sensitive, dry and irritated in only a few hours. I needed to treat it quickly to prevent any further irritation. As soon as I got home I put this cold delicious mask all over my face. I cannot even tell you how amazing it felt. Not to mention is smells delicious! The mask smells good enough to eat.

IMG_3052Oats are naturally anti-histemic, meaning they calm and soothe reactions or redness. The redness of my skin had gone completely down and it felt more hydrated. I didn’t expect my skin to be perfect after the removal because it was pretty irritated. But the results of the mask were impressive. My skin felt so much better afterwards. I actually think this might be my new favorite Fresh Face Mask!

You apply this mask to clean skin, smooth it over gently and leave it on for 10 minutes. It spreads incredibly easily and removes without any mess. Any time my skin is dry and irritated and I’m going to use this incredible mask. LUSH Cosmetics continues to not disappoint.

What’s your favorite LUSH Fresh Face Mask?

Laurelle, xo



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