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Red Cherry Lashes| Obsessed Canada by Nail Polish Canada

My loves,

What do we all want, but want an easy way to achieve it. Fabulous lashes of course! Obsessed Canada by Nail Polish Canada was kind enough to send me 6 different pairs of Red Cherry Lashes. I absolutely love false lashes. They look fabulous in pictures, really making you look like you naturally amazing lashes.

“Red Cherry Lashes is a line of false eyelashes made from real human hair to give a natural lash look. Many different varieties are available ranging from natural appearing lashes to specialty lashes with rhinestones, bold colors and glitter.”

IMG_2995 IMG_2997 IMG_3014I was asked to choose 6 different styles of lashes to try. I went with #WSP, #118, #523, #DW, #203, #415. I wanted to try some natural looking eyelashes as well as dramatic looking eyelashes. They have an excellent range of lashes to choose from. Full sets, individual lashes, dramatic lashes, natural lashes, and in between natural and dramatic. All the lashes from Red Cherry Lashes are made from real human hair so that you get the most realistic looking lashes.







IMG_3003Red Cherry Lashes are extremely easy to apply and remove. Sometimes false lashes can be very stiff and difficult to maneuver on the lash line. Red Cherry Lashes makes it simple with flexible lashes and 100% human hair.

I absolutely love them and I will definitely be grabbing some more once these 6 pairs of lashes have been used!

Have you tried Red Cherry Lashes?

Get your very own HERE.

Laurelle, xo



  1. I like your post and I also tried out red cherry lashes for my first time and I was very amazed by its quality. And they look so great! Btw: I like your blog, maybe you can visit my blog to give me some feedback? I would be very thankful!
    Keep your good work going on! ūüėČ

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