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White Eyeliner/Shadow Spring Trend

My loves,

I know it may seem that Spring has not sprung yet but it has indeed. The weather is not quite keeping up with us yet but I’m sure it will soon! However, Spring and Summer trends are definitely among us. One of them being white eyeliner and eyeshadow. It was definitely a 90s trend and as you may have noticed a lot of old trends are coming back. I for one am very happy that white eyeshadow and eyeliner has become popular again!

cos-21-nyfw-white-eyeliner-de the-white-eye-liner--1361129160 tumblr_lzkhc5sTPz1qdetvy white_eyeliner“White eye liner: It brighten eyes, makes you appear instantly awake, and switches up your everyday look faster than Rihanna changes her hair cut.” -Cosmopolitan 

I did not need a trend to start wearing white eyeshadow or liner. I have always loved the look. It truly does brighten up your eyes and make you look awake. I was asked to explain how I wear white eyeliner or shadow for Beauty Panel for I was very excited to write about this post, because it’s something I like to wear in my usual makeup routine. So I thought I’d share it with all of you!

For some great tips on different ways of wearing white eyeliner click HERE.

IMG_3287 IMG_3290 IMG_3311White eyeliner really makes your eyes pop—they instantly look bright-eyed and beautiful. I actually use white eyeshadow under a lot of my regular shadows. The white acts as a base and makes any other shadow colour look more vibrant and vivid—while also giving you better colour overall. In this particular look I started with a white base and added neutral tones in the outer corners of my eyes. It gives you a nice natural day look, which is actually one of my favorite looks to wear.

I also love the placement of white liner on the water line, which is what I also did for this look. It instantly opens up your eyes and makes you look lively. I actually always think of a deer in head lights (but in a good way obviously) when wearing white around the eyes. I mean doesn’t it look fantastic in pictures? And white liner is such an easy way to make your eyes stand out. You can apply it on the top or bottom with a little mascara and you have a beautiful day look.

IMG_3085 IMG_3103 IMG_3131 White eyeshadow worn on its own is also a favorite of mine. Which is what I have done in the above pictures. I literally only have white eyeshadow, liquid liner, khol black liner on the water line and some mascara. I mean how simple is that? I love simple makeup especially when it looks as good as white eyeshadow does! Who said you need to have blue eyes to be bright-eyed!

It may be a 90s trend but I’m all over it and I will definitely be wearing both these looks a lot this Spring/Summer!

IMG_3123What are your thoughts on white eyeliner/eyeshadow? Will you be following this trend?

Laurelle, xo


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  1. Felicia says

    The white looks great, especially the water line. Might have to try that.

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