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Schwarzkopf| Essential Looks 1: 2014 STYLE-TECH COLLECTION

My loves,

This past Sunday I was invited to attend a Schwarzkopf Professional Presentation, featuring the Essential Looks 1: 2014 STYLE-TECH COLLECTION at the Hilton. We got a front row look at the hottest, high fashion hair trends, straight off the runways, for this upcoming season. It featured the Canadian Essential Looks Team, Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Vō & BRAND NEW Competition where we got to see the search for the next Essential Looks Artist (which was very intense and cool at the same time)!

Hair Trends for the Runway were:

  • Candy Dandy (my personal favorite)
  • White Hot
  • Metalxx

Candy Dandy

EL_1_2014_Candy_Dandy_Salon_Long_Zuleika_118 EL_1_2014_Candy_Dandy_Male_David_02_142Rossa Jurenas Essential Looks Artist was one of the original members of the Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks Artistic Team. Having been in the industry for over 14 years she is no stranger to the hair industry. She has been featured internationally for her innovative approach to styling and design, and is currently nominated for the 2014 Contessa Awards, Elite Master Stylist of the Year and Master Colorist of the Year.

Rossa led the Candy Dandy Trend and I got to speak to her backstage about her vision. She explained to us that she gets her inspiration from the runways and takes those styles and incorporates it into everyday life so that its salon friendly. The beautiful pastel colour they use last a weeks and fade into a nice blonde so you always have fantastic colour. She wanted an edgy look with round fridges and pieces of colour, such as lilac and strawberry tones. This was my personal favorite trend of the evening!

White Hot

EL_1_2014_White_Hot_Salon_long_Asian_Lucy_153EL_1_2014_White_Hot_Male_Marc_01_082Kathy Simon Artistic Director Essential Looks and MEKKA has been in the hair industry for over 25 years. Kathy is internationally recognized for her inspiring teaching style and her unique artistic vision and structural philosophy that has been proven and acclaimed at countless seminars and shows. She is currently the North American ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional and is responsible for the training of the American and Canadian Essential Looks teams.

Kathy led the White Hot Trend and she shared with us back stage what the look was all about. She explained to us that she wanted it to look feminine with a modern twist. She incorporated grungy curls, edgy, cool reds, and dark chocolate colours. She wanted the looks to be easy to maintain, salon friendly, with clean lines and very feminine.


EL_1_2014_Metallxx_Salon_Long_Danielle_260EL_1_2014_Metallxx_Male_Victor_095Jean-Sébastien Lacombejoins the Essential Looks team from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. Jean-Sébastien brings a mixture of freshness, creativity and enthusiasm to the Essential Looks team. With over 17 years of experience as a talented hairstylist and owner of Studio Bob & Pine, Jean-Sébastien draws on every aspect of the hair industry when educating in salons, classrooms and on platform.

Jean-Sébastien led the Metalxx trend and shared with us backstage his vision. The colours in this trend are absolutely incredible. The colours used are colours that have never been tried before. He incorporated cool and warm colours together, green’s and purple using triangle placement. The colour provides incredible shine. The looks were sexy, feminine, soft shine and soft movement. Absolutely stunning.

EL_1_2014_Metallxx_Male_Victor_Hot_Styling_01_012Matty Conrad Essential Looks Artists, inspires hairdressers with his enthusiastic approach to hair, his technical expertise and his passion for educating and barbering. He has been featured in numerous magazines as a leading hair expert and has often been referred to as a “men’s grooming evangelist”. In 2010 he opened Victory Barber & Brand, an award-winning heritage barbershop that has received an avalanche of accolades and attention from the global press.

Matty led the Men’s Style in all the Runway Trends of the evening. For Candy Dandy he drew his inspiration from River Phoenix. He wanted the look of a good boy gone bad. A rough look, very Southern California. We all know we find rebels sexy! For White Hot he wanted the classical gentlemen style. Side swept looks, clean polished looks such as Don Draper. A strong part line with a clean finish and ‘blocked side’. For Metalxx he wanted to create a nice long-hairstyle. He wanted to create texture making it look really masculine. He also incorporated the ‘man bun’, which I don’t know about any of you but I love!

IMG_3339 IMG_3354 IMG_3365 IMG_3380 IMG_3431All of the Essential Looks Artist were extremely friendly. It was such a pleasure talking with them all and learning of their passion and inspiration. Having worked in a hair salon I have a great appreciation for hair, and I know how hard hair stylists work! I very much enjoyed chatting with them backstage as well as experiencing such an amazing show.

kim-voI also got to chat with Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Vō who is the Global Blonde Ambassador backstage. Kim Vō, master colorist to Hollywood’s most elite, is a creative visionary and inspirational leader who is amongst the beauty industry’s most recognized personalities. Hailed by Vogue as “the best blonder in the business,” Vō is one of the most sought after color experts in the world. With celebrity clients ranging from Kate Hudson and Katherine Heigl to Britney Spears and Dakota Fanning, as well as hundreds of magazine articles and TV shows featuring his expertise and warm, charismatic personality.

Tapping into his expertise with blondes, in 2012 Kim Vō was named Blonding Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, and is the spokesperson for BLONDME, a new collection of premium blonde hair color, care and styling care tending to the specific needs of blondes. Kim shares, “Blondes are everything to me–it’s what I’m known for! With 1 in 4 women being blonde, I’ve been searching for years for the perfect color system to create the multi-dimension my clients crave, the intense care they need and maximum coverage. Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME gives this and so much more; it’s blonde perfection in a bottle.”

He was an absolute pleasure to chat with and we really got a feel for how much he loves blondes! He was very excited to share his experience and his inspiration really comes from the heart. He explained how everyone has a little blonde in them. Many people are going sombre and incorporated blonde into their hair in some way or form. He really has incredible passion for the hair industry.

For more information on Kim Vō please visit,


IMG_3440 IMG_3452 IMG_3446 IMG_3449 IMG_3455 IMG_3459 IMG_3461 IMG_3466 IMG_3476The theme of BlondeMe was fun pastels, targeting the different types of blondes. Going for Proper to Pin-Up (which I absolutely adored!) Kim wanted to share the secret pin-up in all of us using fun techniques. I just adored this runway show, aren’t those lingerie pieces to die for?

And last but not least we got to see the search for the next Essential Looks Artist!

IMG_3433 IMG_3437This was the look that was being created right in front of me and I was very happy about that because this was one of my favorite looks! She sadly did not win but we got to see some pretty intense hair styling going on. The heat was on! All very talented and all incredible finishes.

Overall, it was an absolutely amazing night! I had such a great time, I am so happy I got to experience such an awesome show with so many talented artists. A big thanks to ASC Public Relations for inviting me to such an amazing event! I really want to colour my hair lilac or strawberry after seeing such amazing colour! I will be doing a post soon on the goodies I received and more about the event so keep your eyes peeled my loves!

For more information about Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Line click HERE.

What did you think of these lovely hairstyles and colours? Will you be going lilac?

Laurelle, xo


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  1. Felicia says

    Looks like a great show, lucky you. Maybe I will put a little color in my hair.

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