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Mani Monday| Oh So Sleek!

My loves,

Ohhh yes Mani Monday! This manicure in my opinion is a personal best. I did this lovely manicure on my mom which seems fitting since Mother’s Day was just yesterday! I hope everyone had a lovely day and spoiled their Mother’s! God knows they deserve it! My mom loves black and white, which is why she tends to pick designs that are specifically black and white, and if they are not black and white we certainly change it! I wasn’t sure about this manicure when I was first presented the idea, but I just love how it turned out. There is something so sophisticated about black and white nails.

IMG_7592IMG_7597IMG_7601IMG_7602IMG_7605I just love it. If you knew my mom you would understand how much this manicure really suits her. It was almost like this manicure and colour combo was designed for her. It reminds me of some sort of artistic piece as well. Almost like having art on your nails, which I guess is really what you are doing with every unique manicure. I like this one a lot!

I used Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’ and ‘Swag’ to create this manicure. I free-handed the design, by first using white as the base and then drawing a line of black and filling in the empty space. I then went over with a small detail brush in black to make sure the lines were straight.

What do you think of this black and white mani?

Laurelle, xo



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