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Sneak Peak| Interview Look with Polysporin

My loves,

Last month I was lucky enough to work with Polysporin on something very exciting! You may have noticed that I had posted some shots on Instagram and Twitter while I was on set with Polysporin! It was such a fun experience and I seriously cannot wait to share the finished results with all of you (which I will be posting next week)!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.15.40 AMWe all know the interview process can be a stressful one, which is why Polysporin and I put together a video to help you not let the stress get in the way on an important day! Here’s a little sneak peek from the video!

Slide1I know you all are going to love this, so don’t miss the video I will be posting next week! I’ll be sharing my tips on how to create a natural look for an interview and some other exciting tips and tricks. Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts on the video.

Do you get stressed before an Interview?

Laurelle, xo


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