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Annabelle Cosmetics Introduce Shenae Grimes-Beech

My loves,

Oh my goodness have I been slacking with my posts this past week. I do apologize! Yesterday, I did my photo shoot for the Contessa Awards I will be entering and boy was it a stressful day. I was up early and at it all day! Which is why I failed at writing a post for yesterday.

Last week amongst painting nails and planning this lovely photo shoot , you might have seen that I attended an event hosted by Annabelle Cosmetics celebrating their new brand ambassador Shenae Grimes. It was so much fun I can’t even tell you. I was lucky enough to bring a guest so I brought my fellow blogger friend who loves makeup just as much as I do.

new_BA-shenae_1“With her vibrant personality and great fashion sense, Shenae personifies exactly what the Annabelle Cosmetics brand stands for.”

“Shenae and Annabelle share many great characteristics: Canadian roots, a youthful and trendy flair for fashion, an eclectic yet feminine look. Annabelle’s energy is greatly symbolized in Shenae’s contagious smile and her signature peace sign and ‘tongue out’ pose. “For me, the brand feels nostalgic in a way – I’ve grown up with it, and still buy it today. I’m super proud to be affiliated with a big piece of home,” adds the actress.”

The event took place at the Arcadian Loft downtown Toronto, which is a lovely venue. When we arrived there was a big red carpet set up where we had our picture taken. We walked in to a stunning set up and Shenae Grimes herself was with her husband having her picture taken among a huge display of Annabelle Cosmetics. I actually got to meet her and have my picture taken and she is absolutely wonderful. She is so kind and sweet, it was such a pleasure meeting her. I know she will be a great face and personality for Annabelle Cosmetics.

IMG_8018 IMG_8008 IMG_8012 IMG_8020They even had a little lip gloss lab set up where we could create our very own personalized lip gloss! We got to choose our own colours and shimmer. It was so much fun watching them create each lip gloss for all the guests. I chose a light pink gloss with some iridescent shimmer.

IMG_8006Not only did they have a lip loss lab set up but they also had a fun photo booth set up with lots of fun props and little bubble’s filled with fun sayings. And let me tell you they had AMAZING food being served. They even had a poutine station set up which was incredible. I love fun makeup events like these especially with such great friends and fellow beauty bloggers.

IMG_8022All in all it was a wonderful event, lots of makeup, delicious food, good music and a fabulous evening. Not to mention I’ve loved Annabelle Cosmetics since I was literally in high school. I still use their Black Khol liner religiously. I swear by it, it is the only black pencil liner I will used and it’s also the best priced.

Shenae Grimes wore the Chemise Boyfriend À Imprimé and Jupe Fluide À Imprimé in Summer Roses print by The Kooples and the Neutra in Black heels by Ruthie Davis. For more information about The Kooples click HERE and more information about Ruthie Davis click HERE.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!

Laurelle, xo


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