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Mani Monday| Italian Fever

My loves,

I am a huge huge soccer fan. So when the World Cup comes around I become very excited. The team I cheer for is Italy. I know you may all be confused with my choice of which team to cheer for in the World Cup. I very much have an Irish background but Ireland very rarely makes it into the World Cup and if they do they do not last very long. I played competitive soccer for quite some time and a lot of the girls I played with were Italian, so I’ve literally been cheering for Italy for 10 years. Italy is my team. And since I get so excited and very into the World Cup, I obviously decided to have festive nails. It only seemed fitting.

IMG_3802 IMG_3806 IMG_3808IMG_8270IMG_8268Italy won their first game and lost their second. They have their third game tomorrow at noon and I really really hope they win! I would love to see them continue to the next round. I am clearly a huge fan, I mean look at my nails!

My dear friend Ashley did my nails for me after I begged her to free-hand a soccer ball on my nails. She did an incredible job. It is always nice to have a friend who knows how to do awesome nail art because it is far too much work and effort to try to do nail art on myself!

Hope you all are enjoying the World Cup! GO ITALY!

Laurelle, xo


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