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Mani Monday| Fancy Some Camo?

My loves,

I was so excited when my client came in requesting camouflage nails. We weren’t sure right away if we wanted to do true camouflage nails or switch it up a bit and use a different colour like blue or pink. We settled on true camouflage because we thought the green would like best and we wanted some true camouflage nails.

IMG_8637 IMG_8639 IMG_8640 IMG_8641 IMG_8643 IMG_8645I freaking love them! I am not much of a camo girl, I never really loved camo and I certainly do not own anything camo. But this manicure I love. I was super excited about creating this manicure because it’s something I have never done before. It’s such a treat creating new nail designs with my clients. I hope you all love them too!

To achieve this manicure I used Entity Colour Couture ‘Hunter Plaid’, ‘Cleavage Browns, and ‘Katelyn’s Culottes’.

What’s on your nails this week? Fancy some camo?

Laurelle, xo


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