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The Summer Heat Calls for Curls

My love,

This post is a little unlike some of my other posts. Being summer I thought I would embrace my naturally curly hair which I loathe on a regular basis. However, when it’s hot and humid it’s incredibly difficult to tame my curly hair. I’m also trying to be more positive and accept and love my naturally curly hair. What better time of year to embrace the curls than summer? I also wanted to let you know which products help tame my curly hair when I really really want to make it straight and shiny.

IMG_3947I have naturally curly hair and for years I have hated it, fought with it and tried my best to make it straight. I have succeeded in keeping my hair straight using the right products, but in the summertime even the right products seem to give up on my forever-curly hair.

When I straighten my hair I like to use Kerastase Ciment Thermique to protect my hair from the hot tools I use to achieve straight hair. I then finish with Kerastase Cristal Sculpt, a serum to help keep my hair smooth and shiny. Those are my go-to products for achieving beautiful straight hair.

However, on the days that it’s especially hot and humid outside, no matter what I do it looks like I didn’t put any effort into styling my hair that morning. Those are the days I surrender to my curly hair. I have to say it takes far less effort to leave my hair natural, but we always love what we don’t have. For my curly hair days I use Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Mousse because it’s the only one I find that gives me soft, beautiful, natural curls without any crunch. I apply an even amount throughout my hair, scrunching as I apply, and then I diffuse my hair until dry. I’m left with lots of body and lots and lots of curls.

IMG_3976Sometimes ladies, we have to stop fighting with what we were given and choose to love our natural-born hair.

How do you wear your hair in the summer?

Laurelle, xo


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