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Mani Monday| Splatter Me With Splatter Paint

My loves,

I absolutely love the way splatter paint nails look. Oddly enough I had two clients come in this week wanting splatter paint nails. Which is all the more fun for me! So today my loves I have two lovely splatter paint manicures for you! One was for the music festival going on in Toronto this weekend ‘Veld Music Festival’. The other was just for fun. We used fun summery colours for both manicures and even added a little glitter. Hope you like them!

Just A Splash of Fun:

IMG_9135 IMG_9134 IMG_9136 IMG_9133 IMG_9132

Veld Music Festival Nails ‘Splatter and Glitter’:

IMG_9130IMG_9129IMG_9126IMG_9127IMG_9125I have to say I love them both equally! They are both unique in their own ways. I like the glitter added to the one it definitely makes it more fun when attending such a fun music festival. I might have to put splatter paint on my own nails! As easy as you might think it is to accomplish splatter paint nail art, it sadly is not. I had to improvise on a lot of the design. I also covered the clients hands in plastic gloves so when I flicked the brush it wouldn’t get all over their hands.

I used gel polish to create this look, curing each layer at a time. I used Artistic Colour Gloss, Entity Colour Couture and IBD brands. For the sparkles I used loose glitter by pressing it on the nail and sealing it with a top coat.

Well there you have it my loves, lots and lots of splatter paint. What do you think of Splatter Paint Nail Art?

Hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend!

Laurelle, xo


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