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Maybelline| Colour Sensational Vivids in ‘Fuchsia Flash’

My loves,

Now you may already know this about me but I can be and by I can be I mean I am a makeup snob. I usually only buy high-end beauty products. I can’t help myself being a makeup artist. I have to use high-end makeup in my makeup kit so it only comes naturally that I would buy the best, most expensive makeup for myself. So when people tell me about drug store brand lipsticks, face cream, foundation etc. I usually brush it off and don’t think much about it much afterwards. However, after seeing someone wearing this beautiful bright fuchsia lipstick I had to go against my standards and grab this gorgeous Maybelline lipstick from Shoppers Drug Mart.

IMG_4301 IMG_4308“Now bright goes gorgeous, never garish, in 8 super saturated lip shades.
Brighter color from our exclusive vivid pigments.
Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar.”

MAYBELLINE Colour Sensational Vivids in ‘Fuchsia Flash’     $9.99

Why You’ll Love It

Be bright and gorgeous

  • Exclusive Vivid colors are brighter
  • Honey nectar formula nourishes lips

IMG_4309IMG_4366These lipsticks are full of colour and perfect for the summer. Heck, I would wear some of these colours all year-long! They are stunningly vibrant as well as nourishing and long-lasting. I have to say I’m quite impressed by these lipsticks. I have to stop being such a snob and branch out into these drug store brands. They really are a steal and I quite like this lipstick. It may be a new favorite of mine. I love bright pink lipstick, especially when it’s under $20.00.

IMG_4374 IMG_4375I kind of love that my nails match this lipstick, I may have to rock this lipstick as often as I can with my nails this colour. I’m seriously obsessed with this new lip colour. I have to say it’s also a really good idea to purchase colours as bright as these at a drug store that way you are not spending an obscene amount of money on a lip colour you’re not sure about.

Plus this lipstick not only looks great, but it’s easy to apply, nourishing and extremely long-lasting. I was shocked at how long this lip colour lasted. I ate, drank my coffee and still my lip stick was perfect. Love it. Also looks FANTASTIC with a tan. I bought one other shade of this lip stick, keep your eyes peeled I’ll write about that one soon!

IMG_4376Well, my loves this is my latest obsession. And of course it’s a lip product of some sort because I’m absolutely completely obsessed with lip products. The amount of lip products I own is actually ridiculous. But I just can’t help myself I love a pop of colour on my lips!

So tell me my loves what are your favorite drug store brands?

Laurelle, xo


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  1. Felicia says

    Annabelle Kohl eyeliner in black is my favorite. I am going to have to try this lipstick though, it looks great. Loving the color. Looks great!!

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