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Mani Monday| Cut Me Out Some Triangles

My loves,

 It’s another Mani Monday and this manicure is (I think) one of my personal bests. One of my favorite clients came to visit me this week and she always challenges me with her nail art ideas (which I love!), and I’m not going to lie when she showed me a picture of what she wanted I was a little nervous. Lines and colour blocking makes me nervous because I want it to look absolutely perfect and that can be a challenge.

IMG_9269 IMG_9276 IMG_9278 IMG_9273IMG_9289We chose two colours that compliment each other and both have a sheen/shimmer to them. I particularly love both colours especially when combined together. I used the pink as a base for all the nails and then painted the outline of a triangle, filling in the negative space after. It was actually a much easier manicure to create than I would have thought. Now don’t get me wrong it was time-consuming but I wouldn’t call it difficult. I know when my mom sees this design she is going to love it! She will probably want it in black and white though!

I used Entity Colour Couture ‘Chunky Bangles’ and Artistic Nail Design ‘Contempo’ to create this lovely manicure. I don’t know about any of you but I love the way it turned out! I will have to try different colour combos with this design.

What’s your favorite nail art?

Happy Monday!

Laurelle, xo


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