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James Bond Prefers Brunettes

My loves,

Yes I said it! James Bond prefers brunettes! Obviously. I just recently got my hair did, some of you may have noticed in my more recent pictures. Now I was torn between going darker for the fall or keeping my lovely ombre hair. I decided it was time to go dark and do some reshaping around the face. I mean if James Bond prefers brunettes? How can you really go wrong?

IMG_4442 IMG_4441I of course went to visit my lovely friends at Fiorio on Cumberland Rebecca and Megan to get my lovely hair done. I trust no one else but the talented people at Fiorio Cumberland. They also happen to be very dear friends of mine and they are wickedly talented. In order to ease me back into dark Rebecca put a simple toner on my hair that will fade with time letting some of my ombre show through. Just in case I miss it! I just love the way the colour turned out. I’m very happy I decided to go dark again. I truly missed being a true brunette.

Now my hair was driving me freaking crazy because I felt like it looked so blah in the front. I had grown out my bangs a while back and I think I let it grow out a little too much because my hair just looked plain boring. So I got my lovely lovely friend Megan to add some layers only in the front to give my hair some character and body. I feel so much better now.

IMG_4430Well that’s my hair adventures! Can you believe I went dark for the…dare I say it…fall? It’s coming my friends whether we like it or not! So get your dark shades, your warm clothes and some freaking stylin’ boots.

What does your hair look like for the fall?

Laurelle, xo


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