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The “Total Nail Treatment” For Back to School at Walmart

My loves,

Now I know many people do not think about Walmart as somewhere they can buy beauty products. I’m not going to lie I was 100% one of those people. I very rarely shop at Walmart, let alone for beauty products. I was approached by APEX PR to check out Walmart for its beauty products, specifically the nail products and accessories. As a nail tech I obviously loved the idea and I was curious to see what they might have and what there prices were like.

IMG_4514I was shocked by how many fun nail art options they had as well as a variety of packs to start you off for your own at home manicure kit. The prices were also incredible, I mean it really was a steal. I was sent a pretty pink color from the new Sally Hansen Gel Miracle Polish line and a $50.00 gift card to Walmart. I bought items that would help me create the best at home manicure. I have to say Walmart makes it really easy and affordable for you to either paint your nails, add fun nail decals, create nail art with easy tools or if you really struggle with polishing they have a wide variety of fun designs for press on nails. Nails made simple.

IMG_4490 IMG_4491So here is what I decided to buy and what I spent while shopping at Walmart:

Cosmetic Pads $2.97

Cosmetic pads are something that are obvious crucial when giving yourself an at home manicure. You need them to remove nail polish and make sure the surface of your nail is clean when applying a fresh coat of polish.

100% Pure Accetone $3.38

Now this Accetone I found at Walmart I was really excited about. Which sounds ridiculous to most normal people, but to a nail tech a decent sized bottle of 100% pure accetone for $3.38 is pretty amazing. And Walmart is literally the only shopping center where you can find it, besides a beauty outlet. Also, if any of you have been using nail polish remover and find it difficult to remove polish. 100% pure accetone will save your nail life. This is the stuff you want, not nail polish remover.

IMG_4510Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Clean-Up Pen $4.68

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to achieve a clean manicure when doing it on yourself, especially when you have to paint with your left hand (or right hand for those lefty’s out there). This pen will change all that! It’s awesome. If you make a mistake and don’t paint a clean line, this handy little pen helps you clean up your mess, making it look like you’re a pro. And it’s so cheap and comes with two replacement tips!

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab $7.97

How many of you suffer from dry, cracked cuticles? It can be very frustrating when trying to create your own manicure when your cuticles are suffering. This Sally Hansen cuticle rehab helps restore dry, ragged cuticles. It helps smooth, soften and restore moisture to cuticles. Infused with Vitamin E, which helps reduce nail breakage.

IMG_4521Hoof At Home Manicure Set $3.98

I mean $3.98? Can you actually believe that? Because at first I could not. You get a manicure stick, cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher, cuticle scissors, nail clippers, a file and a 3-way buffer file. FOR $3.98! That’s amazing, I’m just saying. It has everything you need to start you off with your own manicure set. And it’s pretty looking which is just an added bonus.

IMG_4502Sally Hansen Nail Art Tool Kit $4.97

Now of course I needed to add some nail art tools! I mean come on, it’s obviously a necessity. This little tool kit comes with two brush, a nail dotter with two different sizes and some stencils. Now I personally free-hand all my nail art. But for those beginners out there, these stencils can be really handy.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Glitter Kit $4.97

Of course we have to have glitter! Sally Hansen has such a wide variety of different nail goodies, I just love it. From glitter to studs they have so many options. I chose to go with 3 different glitters, pink, purple and blue. I think they will be fun to play around with!

IMG_4507Sally Hansen Nail Pen in ‘Pearly White’ $5.97

Last but not least a Sally Hansen Nail Pen, nail art made much easier. Using a nail pen can make nail designs much easier. And Sally Hansen offers a wide variety of different colours to choose from. I decided to go with ‘Pearly White’ because I thought it would go well with the pink polish I was sent.

IMG_4524Look at everything I purchased and guess what it was still under $50.00. That’s pretty incredible. And some of the stuff I bought were just fun add-ons you really would only need some of these tools to create your very own at home manicure. Walmart makes it easy and affordable! You guys should check out what steals and goodies you might find.

Here is my nail creation with all the wonderful nail items I bought when shopping at Walmart!

IMG_4528 IMG_4535Have you been to Walmart’s Beauty Section? Tell me you thoughts!

Laurelle, xo



  1. I am sort of anti-walmart but have stumbled across some great things every now and then! Have you tried the polish? I’ve been tempted to try it but haven’t taken the plunge yet! 🙂

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