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Mani Monday| Can I Teal You a Secret?

My loves,

 It’s Mani Monday! I’m excited because I was so busy and exhausted last week, that Mani Monday sadly did not get posted! Shame on me. But do you know what that means? It means I have lots of fun nails to show. These particular nails I’m showing you today, I LOVE. One of the girls I work with was using fun colours the other day and I got inspired by her to use these colours! I think they look great together. And I love the design of this manicure. I might have to use it more often.

IMG_9505 IMG_9508 IMG_9510 IMG_9513IMG_9503Aren’t the two teal colours so freaking lovely together? I love the dark sparkly teal at the base I really think it makes the nails pop. I’m just obsessed with these colours together and how they are placed. I love the little line at the base of the nail. It looks so edgy and fun. But still simple enough that its not in your face, it’s fashionable. I just love it.

To achieve this manicure I used Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Charming’ and Entity Beauty ‘Jewel Tones’. I free-hand painted the line at the base of the nail and cleaned up with a detail brush to make sure it was perfect!

What’s on your nails? Are these nails tempting you?

Laurelle, xo



  1. Hi Laurelle! Love your blog! I was wondering what eye makeup and nailpolish you think I should do for my school dance, I will be wearing a purple dress.

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