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Hello Me&T Studio

My loves,

So it’s no secret that I’ve been an epic slacker at keeping up with my blog posts. So I’m going to share with you why I’ve been so busy. You all know that I recently started a new job managing a salon called Me&T Studio in midtown Toronto. Well, starting a new job always takes me some adjusting so I’ve been putting all my focus on my new job. So I’m going to pull up my socks and start keeping up with my lovely blog. Thanks to all my followers and continuing to read my blog, I really appreciate all of those who take an interest in my posts!

Here’s a little about Me&T Studio:

Shawna Rao, my lovely boss and owner of Me&T Studio is a registered critical care nurse who always had a love for the beauty industry and boy am I glad she did. With energy to burn and a desire to start an enterprise of her own, Shawna conceived of Me & T Studio, her own refreshing take on the types of beauty bars and spas that have populated our urban environments. With this new venture, Shawna aims to set a new standard of quality for nail treatments, nail enhancements, lash extensions, specialty hair services and spray tans in an environment that is attitude free, pristine, inviting and relaxing.

14724540887_f5ae872868_zI cannot even express how much I love my job. I work with three fabulously talented nail technicians that are experts at gel nail extensions, graphic nail art and even portraits. Shawna Rao my wonderful boss is extremely talented at eyelash extensions as well as spray tans. And then of course there is the lovely Tanya who is fab at giving you a faux glow.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 6.55.50 PMI absolutely love walking into work every single morning. The gray, pink and black decor is sleek and stylish and we pay extra attention to hygiene and cleanliness (which is key). We do not use jet tubs for pedicures only ceramic soaking tubs and a new file and buffer for each visit, which you are free to take home after your appointment. Not to mention we have a lovely variety of candy waiting for you at the front desk!

me-and-t-studio-01 me-and-t-studio-02 Me-T-Nail-RacksI cannot stress how important it is to do what you love. I learned very early on that the beauty industry was where I belong. I tried office work and it was just not for me. It may not be the most respected industry but I can tell you that I never feel like I’m working. I get to create pieces of art every single day and make people feel more beautiful. And I get to do it in the company of wonderful people, who share the same passion. I also get to meet new people every single day, which is something I cherish. I love my clients and I love my co-workers, what more could you ask for in a job.

Never give up on your dreams. Do what you love, Love what you do. I know I do.

Come visit me at Me&T Studio, I’d love to meet you! I specialize in Makeup, Nails, Eyebrow Waxing and Spray Tans!

Laurelle, xo


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  1. Mary Ellen Stephen says

    The pictures look great Laurelle – great post! So happy that you’re happy in your new job.

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