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Buxom| Mascara Bar

My loves,

Oh Mascara, how I love you so. So Buxom came out with this brilliant idea for mascara. Buy the mascara and pick the mascara wand that fits your lashes best. I mean come on why isn’t every make up company doing this? It’s such a fabulous idea. Since discovering such a wonderful concept I obviously had to try it out for myself.

A first-of-its-kind, exclusive to Sephora, Buxom® Mascara Bar with seven brushes to choose from to create an array of lash effects.

IMG_4730“Choose one brush from seven sexy options to thicken, volumize, curl, define, lengthen, lift, or detail lashes. There’s one for amping up every lash mood, and each brush comes paired with the volumizing Vanity™ Lash Mascara. This mascara formula is exclusively designed to work across all Buxom Mascara Bar brushes. It’s infused with biotin and provitamin B5 to help strengthen lashes while shea butter, vitamin E, and olive oil work to nourish them. Paired with your favorite brush, it gives a customized, one-of-a-kind lash look.”

Full & Fabulous™: Its molded ball tips power through lashes for lavish fullness from roots to ends.
Big & Bushy™: The ultra-bushy bristles layer on massive volume for maximum lash length.
Curl & Contour™: An angled brush that hugs, contours, and shapes for head-turning curves.
Thick & Defined™: Its flexi-bristles and tapered tip create maximum thickness and ultimate definition.
Strong & Long™: A sleek, chic brush shaped to tease lashes to extreme lengths.
Itty Bitty™: This small but mighty brush discovers and amplifies your tiniest lashes.
Lush & Lifted™: One side of this brush builds ultra-plush lushness, while the other separates and lifts lashes to sky-high lengths.

IMG_4736Okay my loves, at the end of the day does this wonderful concept for mascara work? The brush I picked was the Big&Bushy (because duh! I want big and bushy lashes!) and it definitely worked. The brush is fabulous. It grabs onto the lashes and really coats every single lash. It separates and lengthens, making my lashes look fab.

Unfortunately, (whomp, whomp, whomp…) it does not last throughout the day. Now my skin is very oily so that may have something to do with it, but I have read other reviews claiming the same thing. Within a couple of hours of wearing this mascara I found I had black underneath my eye. I tried this mascara for several days and found it happened over and over again.

So although this mascara from Buxom is a fabulous beyond fabulous concept, the formula just doesn’t cut it for me. Come on lash companies let’s make this concept work!

IMG_4742Have you tried Buxom’s Mascara Bar? What are your thoughts?

Laurelle, xo


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  1. Gabrielle says

    Super cool – is that at Sephora? I’m a bit addicted to their ‘S’ shape wand – I absolutely love it and think it is probably the best shaped wand I have ever used.

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