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How to Apply False Lashes

My loves,

Everybody wants fabulous lashes, especially for the holidays. But wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to apply false lashes that look so natural that people are like, “Wait, are those your lashes?” I love when people ask me that question when they are most certainly not my natural lashes. Isn’t it grand to be glamorous?

IMG_5060Okay my loves. So here is what you need to achieve the most natural looking lashes. (You can also apply majority of these steps if you are looking to achieve a more dramatic lash).

IMG_5007 IMG_5033You Will Need:

  • Liquid Eye Liner (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is my preference)
  • False Lashes (Depending on what type of lashes you are looking for there are many options. I use Quo Lashes on a daily basis and my go-to natural lash is 803. However, they have many wonderful options from natural to dramatic and they roughly go for about $7.50. They are my personal favorite brand when it comes to false lashes because they are relatively priced and easy to apply. When buying false lashes you want ones that have flexibility and easily bend to form with your eye. MAC and Make Up For Ever can bit stiff and harder to work with. Though they have a more dramatic selection if that’s what you are going for).
  • DUO Eyelash Adhesive (Literally the best eyelash glue on the market. I highly highly recommend this glue. No other glue is as good as this one. Trust me. It’s also great for Halloween if you ever need to apply gems to your face!)
  • Tweezers
  • Mascara (DUH. Cover Girl Lash Blast is my fav!)
  • Eyeshadow (Optional. I did not use eyeshadow with this makeup look as I do not wear a lot of eye makeup on a daily basis. This is more of a DAY LOOK, but eyeshadow is never frowned upon, if anything it’s encouraged!)

Okay! Now that you have all the supplies you need to create the perfect natural lash look, let’s begin! I always begin my makeup application first and foremost with my eyes and then finish with my face makeup (just in case any shadow falls, it’s easier to clean up; it also gives the glue some time to set!)

Apply a thin line with your liquid liner as close to your lash line as possible. Don’t worry your line doesn’t have to be perfect as your lashes should cover majority of the line. It’s more of a guideline.

IMG_5017Once the liner is successfully applied remove one of the lashes (using your tweezers-careful not to damage the false lash) from the package and measure it against your lash line. Trim the lashes from the outer corner of the lash so that it fits accordingly to your eye lash line. I didn’t need to cut mine because these lashes fit perfectly to my eye. Once measured and trimmed apply a thin line of glue to the false lashes.

IMG_5031Now here comes the tricky part. Once you’ve applied the glue give it a minute for the glue to get tacky. You can wave it around a little or blow on it (as long as you’re not applying it to someone else’s eyes!). Once you’ve given it a few seconds carefully apply the false lash to your lash line. DO NOT apply the lashes directly to your lashes make sure the glue is touching your eyelid( the skin). Use the liquid liner as a guideline as to wear to place the false lash. Adjust and move the lash until it’s in the correct place. Gently push the false lash against your skin making sure it’s staying in place (the glue should dry rather quickly).

IMG_5026Once both lashes have successfully been applied move on to your face makeup. Once your face makeup is complete apply another thin line of your liquid liner following the line of the false lash. The false lashes should help you create the perfect line. The liquid liner will help make the lashes look more natural, hiding the strip. And at last, apply mascara accordingly! Voila. You have the perfect set of lashes.

IMG_5058IMG_5057Ready, Set, Apply Those Damn Lashes! Don’t be batting those beautiful lashes at too many boys over the Holidays now ladies! Though it is tempting!

What are your favorite false lashes?

Laurelle, xo



  1. opinionsmatter! says

    hmm some clever tricks! 🙂 I always have problem applying these myself. I have duo glue n i ll give em a try!

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