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BITE Beauty| Lush Lip Wipes

My loves,

Are you thinking of wearing a beautiful bold lip for Christmas? Except you might be stressed about the maintenance when eating and drinking? I mean you can’t attend Christmas dinner and then (GASP) your red lips fade or smudges from eating delicious food! Have no fear my beauty babes I have the perfect solution for you. BITE’s Lush Lip Wipes! (You’re Welcome)

A set of lip wipes to remove color, replenish, and mattify.

IMG_5136“Infused with BITE’s signature Superfruit flavor, these wipes are the first ever formulated just for lips. They soothe and hydrate while removing your old lip color to leave lips healthy and ready for a color reset. They can also be used to hydrate and mattify any time.”

IMG_5121These are freaking brilliant. When I saw these at Sephora I instantly snatched them. I mean how perfect? I’m always stressing about my bold lip choices for an evening out, never wanting to have to worry of the maintenance of a beautiful bold lip. These wipes make life so much easier. They are also a quick and easy way to remove that bright lip colour at the end of the night. And the best part is your left with refreshed, hydrated lips.

They come in conveniently sized individual packs that you can store in your purse. They are also great to use before applying a lip colour, because it cleanses and mattifys your lips. I mean why didn’t I think of this?! It’s a beauty staple.



IMG_5123I love them. They come in the cutest package with a little mirror of course and work just wonderfully! I will most definitely be stocking up on these and sticking them in my clutches for my nights out! I never have to worry about a Red Lipstick Massacre again (and believe me I’ve had my fair share!).

Available at Sephora, $14.00(10 pack) $25.00(30 pack)

Psst. It’s Christmas EVE!

Have you tried BITE Beauty’s Lush Lip Wipes?

Laurelle, xo


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