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LG Canada| G3 Smart Phone Giveaway

My loves,

Since I am running a giveaway for a brand new LG G3 smart phone I thought I would highlight some FAB-ulous features to entice you just a little bit more! When choosing a new phone you want to make sure it has all the tools you need on a day-to-day basis. And of course the camera is your number one concern (well at least it’s my number one concern). I mean who wants a phone with a crappy camera?! Helllllooo, it’s the 21st Century!

Simple Is The New Smart


  • Smart Cleaning “Would you like to erase the 9 apps you haven’t used for two months?” ( a phone that notifies me when I have apps taking up space on my phone that I’ve forgotten about? YES PLEASE)
  • Call Log-based Reminder “Call received from John. Call back?” (An extra reminder to call back the call you missed, Brilliant)


Unlock your phone by creating your very own personalized knocking pattern of three to eight taps. From over 80,000 possible combinations, it makes it fun and easy!


Circle Window displays the six apps you use the most, making it easier to access them. Plus, its soft ambient glow around the circle adds an aesthetic aspect that accentuates your exquisite taste.


Not only does the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) function reduce blur and shaking, the laser measures the distance to the object instantly, giving you perfect quality photos with 13MP. YOu can also take brighter, clearer pictures even in dark conditions.

(Having these little added touches to your camera on your phone makes it that much easier to quickly snap a photo when you on the go! It’s always great to have a feature that reduces blurriness.)

Plus, with this fine smart phone you have the Selfie feature. And in this day and age a hands free selfie option is like a dream come true. Simply hold up your hand, then make a fist and your camera will count down from 3 and snap your photo, allowing you to move the camera to a more flattering angle! You can also say the words, ‘Cheese’, ‘LG’, ‘Smile’, ‘Whisky’ and ‘Kiimchi’ and it will snap your photo without you even pressing a button! It really is a fabulous idea and I for one LOVE it.

Now, if your still not sold on this phone, what if I told you that the camera also has a beauty feature? That’s right my friends this features takes your ordinary picture to magazine quality photos. You never looked more beautiful!

Now getting snapping and show me your favorite beauty looks for the chance to win your very own LG G3 Smartphone! Here are the rules:

This giveaway is only open to Canadian residents.

  • Post on Twitter or Instagram your favorite beauty look!
  • Follow @LGCanada as well as myself on Twitter (@laurelle_xo) or Instagram (@paintmepretty)
  • Use the Hashtags #LGG3Beauty and #PaintMePretty


Getting snapping those beauty selfies! I can’t wait to see them.

Laurelle, xo



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