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Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

My loves,

As most you may have already noticed, I was recently on vacation having the time of my life. Seriously though, traveling ignites something wonderful inside of me. I had the most amazing trip. I went with my dear friend and her boyfriend and couple other guys. I got to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather in the company of wonderful people. I seriously haven’t laughed that much in a really long time, I had so so much fun. I’m still smiling from the trip. But the highlight of my trip had to be boarding down a FREAKING Volcano! I know. You’re like: ‘Sorry, you did what?’ Oh, but I did.



Rated #2 on CNN’s ‘Thrill Seekers Bucket List’

11015101_857857347612512_3901501937495625543_nVolcano boarding is an extreme thrill-seeking kind of sport created by an equally extreme, Australian thrill seeker, Daryn Webb, Bigfoot Hostel’s original owner. After Daryn opened Bigfoot in 2004, he began to cultivate the sport.

Daryn and his crew endured a fair share of trial and error, testing everything from picnic tables to mattresses until they arrived to a sit-down, wooden toboggan, made of metal and Formica-reinforced plywood.

The adventure sport was born!

Volcano boarding was a world first. León became the only place in the world you could slide down the side of an active volcano. By 2009, Bigfoot Volcano Boarding sent 10,000 boarders down Cerro Negro. Today, over 25,000 people have sled down its slope at up to 95km/hr!

Now if that wonder description doesn’t entice you, then I don’t know what will! I actually had never heard of volcano boarding until coincidently my mother mentioned it to me when I told her I was going to Nicaragua. Now she already thought I was planning on doing such a thing, being the adrenaline junkie that I am. She was disappointed to find out that I had never heard of it and NOW learning of such a thing was planning on doing it. HA! All in good fun Mom (I love you loads). So I obviously started researching it and came across Big Foot Hostel and Volcano Boarding and I was hooked immediately.

IMG_2440What you can expect when boarding down a Volcano you ask? Well, first off you should know it is an active Volcano, which is why there is ash that you can board down. It takes about an hour to hike up the Volcano, which is not for the faint of heart. It is really high up and very steep. It looks like you could fall over at any second. But it’s so much fun! It’s very very windy, so you also feel like you might blow away at any second. But I swear, it’s the best freaking thrill of your life.The views while hiking the Volcano are unreal. It is so spectacular, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

IMG_2441 IMG_2667The record for how fast a guy has gone down the volcano is 95km/hr, the fastest girl is 91km/hr. Volcàn Cerro Negro is approximately 700 meters high and I climbed it and I boarded down it! And it was so much fun, I cannot even express how much fun this was. Now I wanted to go really really fast but unfortunately I didn’t go as fast as I would have liked cause my board got full of ash and rocks! My speed was only 34km/hr but hopefully I can break that if I ever go back!

IMG_2431IMG_2439Ohhhh man, take me back. Now you go with a group of people, taking a shuttle bus which is about an hour to the Volcano. I recommend staying at Bigfoot Hostel the night before because the shuttle does pick you up there and it’s a really good time. It is definitely a party hostel but you will meet lots of cool people I promise. I know I certainly did. That’s the best part about traveling and doing fun adventures like this one, the awesome people you meet along the way.

10997716_857857280945852_5273233396457514814_nThere are many wonderful things about Nicaragua but if you do decide to travel there I highly highly recommend Volcano Boarding in Leon, you can’t really do it anywhere else. And it’s on CNN’s freaking ‘Thrill Seeking Bucket List’, get on that.

To find out more and book your Volcano Boarding while in Nicaragua click HERE.

What do you say my loves? Are you ready for the thrill of a lifetime?

Laurelle, xo


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