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I Don’t Need No Money, Fortune, or Fame

My loves,

It’s  the middle of Toronto Fashion Week and I’m having so much fun. I cannot wait to share all the amazing collections I’ve seen thus far. SO far the runway shows I have seen include: Helder Diego, VAWK, Malorie Urbanovitch and Klaxon Howl. All amazing. I’m very much enjoying the makeup on the runway this year, I cannot wait to play around with these looks.

camoAs a Tom Boy at heart I absolutely love this look. I couldn’t wait to wear this outfit to Fashion Week, it’s comfortable, edgy and yet still very feminine. These boots are unbelievable comfortable but still very trendy. They are definitely a staple item that every girl should have! And camo pants, I mean, can you really go wrong?

IMG_5934With this look I wanted my makeup to enhance my features in a natural way.  There is nothing more beautiful than natural makeup when it’s accentuating your best features. I wanted my eyes to be the main focus with a subtle neutral toned shadow combination and finish it off with a soft matte dusty rose lip. I created this look using Urban Decay’s Basics Palette and MAC’s Lipstick ‘Twig’ (seriously best lip colour ever, I’m obsessed!).

Happy Thursday!

Laurelle, xo


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