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Make Up For Ever| Step 1 Skin Equalizer

My loves,

Make Up For Ever has some awesome products available this Spring. One of them being the next generation of primers, Step 1 Skin Equalizer. Create flawless skin in a flash with 10 specially designed primers that target and perfect all skin types, tones and textures. These unique formulas balance the full spectrum of skin concerns to create the perfect canvas. As a professional makeup artist, primer for a makeup application is key. It helps ensure that the makeup is going to last all day. Most brides on their wedding day what to have glowing radiant skin which is why I opted to try the Radiant Primer. Make Up For Ever was kind enough to send me one to try!

“Like painters, who need a perfectly smooth, even-colored, and flawless canvas, makeup artists require even-toned and smooth skin for an optimal and professional makeup result.”—Dany Sanz, MAKE UP FOR EVER Founder and Creative Director

IMG_6014“Prep skin for your makeup routine with Step 1 Skin Equalizers, and address your skin concerns with this innovative makeup primer. Perfect for balancing skin and achieving an ideal makeup result, it’s lightweight and creamy, leaving a more evenly-toned appearance, and increases foundation’s hold. This primer for all skin tones leaves makeup looking fresh for hours while it hydrates, firms, and smooths the look of the skin.”

This specific primer is really good for anyone with a light skin tone with any yellow under tones. It will brighten your face up instantly. It also provides a good amount of moisture and hydration to the skin which is a major plus! It’s fantastic. I’ve heard great things about the other primers in this collection as well, I particularly want to get my hands on the Hydration one! I find most people suffer from dehydration and dryness in their skin, and having a product to reverse this when applying make up can be a life saver!

How it works:
Mixing and matching equals skin perfection. Divided into two skin-equalizing categories, Texture and Tone, five of the Step 1 Skin Equalizers are designed to address texture-related issues, such as oil/shine, large pores and fine lines, dryness and redness, while the other five primers, known as the Radiance range, boost radiance in specific skin tones.

If you have any concerns pertaining to your skin, whether it be the skin tone or texture these primers will change your life. Having a good primer that meets your skins needs can change your over all look when applying your makeup on a day-to-day basis. I highly recommend this collection of primers for everyone, one of these primers should help you in some way!

$42 (30ml)

Available: Sephora,, Make Up For Ever Boutiques

Laurelle, xo


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  1. Felicia says

    Might have to try this one. Sounds perfect for hot summer weddings.

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