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Mani Monday| Give Me A Museum and I’ll Fill It

My loves,

As most of you might already know before I became a Makeup Artist and Esthetician I was first an artist and I guess you could say I still am an artist. When applying to Universities in my last year of high school I actually had been applying for Art first and for most. I really thought I’d end up at an Art school painting and drawing. But sometimes life has a different plan for us, which is how I somehow ended up in the beauty industry. I’m lucky though because I still get to carry out my passion for art every single day through makeup and nails, its just a different canvas. And this particular nail design reminds of my painting days.

IMG_2928 IMG_2932_2 IMG_2935 IMG_2938One of the reasons why I love doing nails so much is having the opportunity to create and try endless designs. I get to paint art on my clients nails on a day-to-day basis, which is pretty freaking cool. This is definitely one of my favorite nail designs, it’s abstract and overall really funky.

Laurelle, xo


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