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Annabelle| Lipsies

My loves,

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart the other day picking up a few things when I stumbled across Annabelle’s Lipsies collection. I almost walked right by but something caught my eye. They were so colourful and cutesy. Now as you all know I am such a makeup snob so I usually steer clear of such products, but I knew I just had to have one. I decided to go for a more subtle sheer shade and grabbed the Coco-Vanilla flavor (obviously), if any of you know me you know Vanilla is my favorite scent!

IMG_5734“GET LIPLICIOUS with this tinted retractable lip balm! The ultimate treat for your lips!


One swipe adds the perfect hint of shiny colour for lips that feel soft, smooth and moisturized.

  • 12 cool aromas.
  • Hydrating non-sticky glossy balm.
  • Sheer colour.
  • Easy-to-use retractable crayon format.
  • Funky and fun design.
  • No sharpener needed.

 Well, I am sincerely happy I snatched this little lippie because I love it. It keeps my lips feeling soft and moisturized and it smells sensational. If you love vanilla scents as much as I do you will definitely enjoy this tastefully sweet scent. This particular lipsie doesn’t provide much colour for the lips but it does leave the lips looking luscious and shiny. It’s the perfect lip balm for every day use when you are looking for moisture but not too much colour.

Have you tried Annabelle’s Lipsie’s?

Laurelle, xo


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