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Mani Monday| Go Jays Go!

My loves, And the slacker of the last few months goes to… Laurelle Alexandra. Sorry guys for being an epic failure to keeping up with my blog. Sometimes life just happens, doesn’t? Anyways, in the spirit of the Blue Jays doing so well this season I thought a themed manicure in honour of them was absolutely necessary! Go Jays Go! Laurelle, xo Advertisements

Mani Monday| As Happy As A Cherry Blossom

My loves, To say I’ve been a slacker is the understatement of the century. But life sure has a way of capturing all of your time without you even realizing it. So here I am trying to catch up with my posts. I promise I will try much harder to get these posts out. I have many products to share with you all. But today I am going to share with you a beautiful manicure of cherry blossoms that I did for my Mama. I don’t know what it is about grey nail polish, but I absolutely love it. And I love the combination of pink with grey even more. This manicure turned out beautifully and definitely reminds of the Cherry Blossoms in High Park in the Spring! Happy Monday! 🙂 Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Flower Child

My loves, Oh my goodness the weather is so beautiful here I cannot even deal. I just love when Spring is here, it’s finally time to spend more time outdoors! I just love when I can walk more places, run outside and just enjoy the sunshine. Nothing feels better than the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Call me cheesy but I’m walking on sunshine. Here’s my ‘I’m so Happy it’s Spring’ manicure. Pretty little flowers for one of my favorite ladies! Happy Monday! Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Give Me A Museum and I’ll Fill It

My loves, As most of you might already know before I became a Makeup Artist and Esthetician I was first an artist and I guess you could say I still am an artist. When applying to Universities in my last year of high school I actually had been applying for Art first and for most. I really thought I’d end up at an Art school painting and drawing. But sometimes life has a different plan for us, which is how I somehow ended up in the beauty industry. I’m lucky though because I still get to carry out my passion for art every single day through makeup and nails, its just a different canvas. And this particular nail design reminds of my painting days. One of the reasons why I love doing nails so much is having the opportunity to create and try endless designs. I get to paint art on my clients nails on a day-to-day basis, which is pretty freaking cool. This is definitely one of my favorite nail designs, it’s abstract and …

Mani Monday| The Earth Laughs in Flowers

My loves, The sun is shining, the birds are the singing and dare I say I saw a butterfly? That can only mean one thing my dear friends, Spring is finally here! And I can only hope that it is here to stay! I love Spring!! It means winter is finally over and the heavy coats can be put away. And what better way to celebrate spring than with flowers? My absolute favorite; floral nails. I don’t need to tell any of you how much I love floral on pretty much anything. I’m basically an 80-year-old woman at heart. Anything floral and I own it and love it! And I especially love floral nail art. And it’s perfect for Spring! I don’t know if any of you have noticed but there is floral everywhere in the stores! Bring it on Spring, I’m ready! Happy Monday! Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Hello Spring

My loves, Spring has sprung and you know what that means? It means bright, vibrant and pastel colours for our nails! I love these range of colours, I cannot wait to be wearing hot pink, baby blue, mint green! Oh so many to choose from, where do we start!? Well, to kick off Spring my client and I decided to go with a nice coral pink and some abstract designs on a couple of nails, and of course some gold accents. They kind of look like decorated Easter eggs, which only seems appropriate since it’s Easter Monday! I absolutely love coral and this abstract design definitely turned out well. Happy Monday! Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| The World Is My Runway

My loves, It is finally Fashion Week here in Toronto and I cannot even tell you how excited I am. I am attending a bunch of amazing shows this coming week and I cannot wait to see the latest trends, designs and patterns. Bring it on Fashion Week I’m ready (besides having to pick out all of my outfits for every day this week, eek!)! However, my nails are 100% ready, oh my beauty guru’s I brought my A game this time around. This manicure literally took me about 3 hours to do on myself, but it was most definitely worth it.  Now, this was definitely a challenge, when I had the idea to paint a small tiny fashion runway model on my nail it seemed like a good idea… until I was 45 min in on the one freaking nail. Ahh, well I guess you could say it was worth. I mean it is Fashion Week after all, when else am I going to be able to show off these fancy nails? Happy Monday! …

Mani Monday| What Happens in Vegas…

My loves, Epic failure on my part last week. Things have been a little hectic lately and I just couldn’t seem to find the time or brain power to sit down and write a post. Well, I have a wonderful manicure to share with you today. It’s simple and sweet, but of course glamorous because these paws are heading to Vegas. And you don’t show up to Vegas without some form of glitter. Barbie pink with a reversed french glitter…if that doesn’t scream Vegas, I don’t know what does. As I was doing this manicure all I could think about was how much I freaking loved it and wanted it on my own hands. Not to mention Vegas sounds pretty good to me right now. If you were going to Vegas what would your nails look like? Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Wintery Woes

My loves, Where is Spring?! Why is it still winter? I am so sick of the cold weather. I know, I know, I should not be complaining because I just got home from a very warm vacation. Take me back! I love warm weather so much, but I will take any warmer weather at this point. I cannot seem to get warm (especially when visiting my mom in her FREEZING cold house). We are in the awkward in between nail colour options and designs. Do we still wear dark? Or do we start transitioning into brighter, happier colours? Or keep it simple and go with a grey, neutral tone with some fantastic polka-dot pattern? Obviously, we went with grey and a fantastic polka-dot pattern. Teal and grey? So freaking wonderful. I love the simplicity of this pattern and the grey is so sleek and pretty. It’s elegant but still cool and funky. What colour are you wearing for this time of year? I’m still wearing dark colours! Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Aztec Empire

My loves, Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with graphic, Aztec, line work when it comes to nail art. I absolutely love the way it looks. There are unlimited colour combos, designs and patterns that you can choose from. Which makes it oh so much more fun when creating nail art. These lovely nails were done for my mom. Line work is definitely one of the more challenging designs when it comes to nail art. But isn’t a challenge so much more fun? I know I personally always love a challenge. And it makes you feel that much better when your challenge is completely. The finished product is everything. Laurelle, xo