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Mani Monday| Wintery Woes

My loves, Where is Spring?! Why is it still winter? I am so sick of the cold weather. I know, I know, I should not be complaining because I just got home from a very warm vacation. Take me back! I love warm weather so much, but I will take any warmer weather at this point. I cannot seem to get warm (especially when visiting my mom in her FREEZING cold house). We are in the awkward in between nail colour options and designs. Do we still wear dark? Or do we start transitioning into brighter, happier colours? Or keep it simple and go with a grey, neutral tone with some fantastic polka-dot pattern? Obviously, we went with grey and a fantastic polka-dot pattern. Teal and grey? So freaking wonderful. I love the simplicity of this pattern and the grey is so sleek and pretty. It’s elegant but still cool and funky. What colour are you wearing for this time of year? I’m still wearing dark colours! Laurelle, xo Advertisements

Mani Monday| Can I Teal You a Secret?

My loves,  It’s Mani Monday! I’m excited because I was so busy and exhausted last week, that Mani Monday sadly did not get posted! Shame on me. But do you know what that means? It means I have lots of fun nails to show. These particular nails I’m showing you today, I LOVE. One of the girls I work with was using fun colours the other day and I got inspired by her to use these colours! I think they look great together. And I love the design of this manicure. I might have to use it more often. Aren’t the two teal colours so freaking lovely together? I love the dark sparkly teal at the base I really think it makes the nails pop. I’m just obsessed with these colours together and how they are placed. I love the little line at the base of the nail. It looks so edgy and fun. But still simple enough that its not in your face, it’s fashionable. I just love it. To achieve this manicure I …

Mani Monday|All About Rose Gold

My loves, Artistic Colour Gloss came out with this new rose gold shimmery shade a while ago and I had been dying to try it! Finally I got my hands on it and oh man do I love it. At first I was a little skeptical, when you first look at the colour it doesn’t look all that fantastic. BUT when you put it on your nails it looks freaking fantastic. So I obviously convinced one of my favorite clients to wear it and we added something fun to it! Hope you like it. Gotta have some little triangle action of course! Simple but still a little funky, which is always a great combination. I love the rose gold combined with the soft pink. I think it looks really pretty and brings out the rose in the gold. To achieve this manicure I used Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Goddess’ and Entity Colour Couture ‘Wearing Only Enamel With A Smile’. What’s on your nails? Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Cut Me Out Some Triangles

My loves,  It’s another Mani Monday and this manicure is (I think) one of my personal bests. One of my favorite clients came to visit me this week and she always challenges me with her nail art ideas (which I love!), and I’m not going to lie when she showed me a picture of what she wanted I was a little nervous. Lines and colour blocking makes me nervous because I want it to look absolutely perfect and that can be a challenge. We chose two colours that compliment each other and both have a sheen/shimmer to them. I particularly love both colours especially when combined together. I used the pink as a base for all the nails and then painted the outline of a triangle, filling in the negative space after. It was actually a much easier manicure to create than I would have thought. Now don’t get me wrong it was time-consuming but I wouldn’t call it difficult. I know when my mom sees this design she is going to love it! She …

Mani Monday| We The North

My loves, Sadly yesterday the Toronto Raptors lost game 7 to the Brooklyn Nets in a very close game. I really thought they were going to pull through, but unfortunately they did not! But don’t worry Raptors we still love you, we should be very proud of their amazing effort! Before Game 7 one of my clients who is a big Raptors fan wanted some fancy nails to celebrate the playoffs. I am very much a girly-girly but I’m also very much a tom-boy which I know it a weird combo. I very much enjoy sports; watching them, playing them etc. So when I get to celebrate sports while doing nails I am a very happy person! These nails were so fun to do. I free-handed all the art and used Entity Colour Couture ‘Spicy Swimsuit’, ‘Little Black Bottle’ and Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’. How did you feel about Game 7? Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Easter Bunny Leaving Easter Eggs

My Loves, It’s Easter Monday, I hope everyone was as lucky as I was and received lots of delicious chocolate! With Easter here we of course have to have festive nails. One of my all time favorite clients and friend came to visit me and asked that I give her some bunnies on her nails. I love trying new things and I definitely love doing nails for the holidays. I just love the way this manicure turned it. It is absolutely adorable and I think the bunnies turned out so cute. I just love the pink bunny with lashes, it’s so cute and fun. And of course you need the traditional looking Easter Bunny! To achieve this manicure I used Entity Colour Couture ‘Wearing Only Enamel With A Smile’, ‘Little Black Bottle’ and Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’. I free-hand painted the bunnies on each ring finger. What did your Easter nails look like? Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| RIO Ready

My loves, Ahhhh yes Mani Monday, one of my favorite days. I’ve got an exciting manicure for you today my loves! Spring has Sprung and the bright colours begin! Let the colourful manicures take over. It was time for my Mom to get her nails redone and she had a theme in mind. She is attending a Charity in Chatham this weekend and the theme is RIO. So obviously her nails had to be extravagant and RIO ready. We knew we needed bright, a fun design and of course sparkle (even thought I tend to protest when sparkle is involved). This is what we came up with! Hot, Hot Pink, I’d say they are RIO ready for sure. I love this colour so much! I love a beautiful hot pink manicure and I love it even more when there is some nail art incorporated into the manicure. We decided to do a black swirl design to make it look fun. It’s hard to see in the pictures but there is a light sparkle on the …

Mani Monday| She Knows Chevron

My loves, Chevron, Chevron, Chevron, that’s all people seem to want these days. Spring is here and the funky nail art begins. I personally love the way a Chevron manicure looks. It’s also one of the most difficult designs to actually free-hand on someones nail. But when it’s complete, my goodness doesn’t it look fantastic! I love this colour combo of the cherry pink and navy blue. I think doing a different colour accent nail really made the manicure! I mean my clients nails are stunning to begin with so it’s really easy to make them look good. To achieve this manicure I used Entity Colour Couture ‘Cherry Blossom’ and OPI ‘Russian Navy’, as well as Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’. I first applied the white base and free-handed the navy blue Chevron design. It is definitely a manicure that requires a great deal of patience and concentration but I love the end result. It always makes the manicure worth once you see the end result! What do you think of Chevron manicures? Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Minnie Mouse Manicure

My loves, I love polka dots and I really love anything that resembles Minnie Mouse. When I began this manicure we knew that we wanted to do a true red manicure. However, it took some deciding when it came to what design we wanted to do on the accent nail. We actually did a different design at first and then decided to switch it afterwards because we were both unhappy with the way it turned out. It’s really quite a simple manicure and pretty easy to create. Sometimes it’s nice to go simple with manicures. I’m actually sporting a pale pink manicure right now. After doing crazy nail art, and lots of design or even just dark bold colours, it’s nice to wear simple. I really love the way this manicure turned it out, it’s cute and fashionable. To create this look I used Entity Colour Couture ‘Spicy Swimsuit’ and Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’. Happy Monday! Laurelle, xo

Yellow & White Polka Nails

   Artistic Colour Gloss – Flawless & Purity Hello All, I painted my nails last night and wanted to share it with you today! I used Artistic Colour Gloss: Flawless & Purity. On my ring finger I used Purity(White) as the base and Flawless(Yellow) to add Polka Dots. To add the Polka Dots I simply used the end of one of my really small paint brushes and dotted accordingly! ENJOY!